Ducoart Interior offer a range of solutions for space planning, designing, technical services, project management and project execution to the last detail.


We closely study our client’s requirements and arrive at an idea based concept. Over the years we have gained the knowledge and expertise to develop functioning units that take care of the concerns of investors and actual users (in case they are different).

Interior Design

We follow a 360° approach to ensure that the colour, materials, finishes, furniture selection and lighting of your space provides comfort and elegance to your interiors. We take utmost care in space-planning to maximize and improve the function and value of your property. We also develop design planning in close coordination with technical personnel. Once the client approves this we submit a detailed costing and contract to be signed. 

Design Studio

We have a full-fledged design studio in Hyderabad, and are well equipped with state-of-the-art technological facilities with the latest software and professional designers, visual artists and computer professionals.

Partner Clients in Procurement

We work along with our customers in pre-purchase to purchase. We help them understand the limitations and opportunities of a property thereby saving money, time and future disappointments.

Depending on the concept we will procure the elements of interiors like furniture, kitchenware, lighting or any other specialized items whether it is from the local market or even if it has to be imported. We can also custom design furniture, kitchenware, lighting, etc. and execute it to the finish.

Our precise scope determination and cost estimation will help customers know in advance the cost and features of their purchase.

Furniture Design

We study and design furniture according to the concept of the overall interior design. Our experts can craft contemporary or antique furniture or a blend of both. We can also procure imported furniture of the customer’s choice.


Lighting plays an important role in imparting elegance and style to the dwellings. The right lighting lifts your mood and can make a difference in the way you think and act. Our team of professionals is experienced in retail and residential lighting, and we offer custom lighting design service for any project, be it large or small.